Tribute to Jean Giambrone

Frank Cardon, retired sports editor of the defunct TheTimes-Union, worked with Jean Giambrone for about 20 years.

“To say that Jean Giambrone was a pioneer in covering women’s sports would be an understatement. She realized that female athletes deserved coverage and helped personalize these athletes in her stories and columns while working at The Times-Union.

“She helped blaze the trail for the many women sports writers of today.

“She also was a prolific golf writer who gained the trust of her sources because of her vast knowledge of the game. She even became the first woman reporter to cover the Masters, a remarkable achievement given that the club just last year accepted its first female member.

“Jean not only was a talented reporter but more importantly, a quality person. The sports staff always enjoyed her company when she came to the office because she cared about others and always had interesting stories to tell.

“She not only had a nose for news but knew how to get the most out of an interview, always looking for something new to give her readers. She simply had a wonderful way of telling an athlete’s story and wanted to be the first to report sports news.