Phil Lanzatella

Personal Coaching


Wrestling Credentials:

4x NCAA National Champion and All-American

2x NYS National Junior Greco-Roman Champion;

  4th & 6th in freestyle

5x Olympic-Team Alternate

Many golds and silvers internationally

  and nationally from 1979-2001

Many others too numerous to list


Coaching Credentials:

Coached at USAW camps and clinics for 5 years

Coached at Bruce Baumgartner HWT camp for 3 years

Coached throughout the country for many years

Coached McQuaid Jesuit for 2 years;

  Wu & Merkel to states (6th & 5th)

Coached Army FORSCOM Team

Coached the NYS Jr. National Team 2 years

  (produced 4 National champs)

Many, many others—too numerous to list


Coaching incorporates all levels of attention: physical, mental,

psychological, etc, as well as personal video review (if available). You

need to be the TOTAL package to be successful, especially today.

Camps and clinics are okay, but “one-on-one” with the right coach

produces undeniable results.

Please call if you any questions.


Phil Lanzatella

(585) 301-8872